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Project Notes
This design by Nora Corbett's was released in July 2003
and features this shimmering, dreaming beauty with
gleaming lock and key attached by a golden chain. She
floats on the linen and carries her compass by a beaded
cord. - $12.00

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Finished & Framed!!
Status - 10/16/04
Here she is finished and framed. I had to
rush at the end because I wanted her to
be displayed at our local EGA's Needle
Artistry Show that began on October
16th. I made two decisions, not to do
the stitched frame around her  and to
make a small modification to the
compass. Only the North point is
emphasised with the gold arrow. This
worked well as the compass is lighter
and less dominant. As you can see she
won the 'People's Choice' Award at the
show. Now I just have to decide what to
do as my next 'large' project!!!!
Click on the picture to see a larger version.
Click on the image below for a close up view.
I hope that you had not been waiting with bated breath
for an update. My apologies that it has taken so long
but now you can see that I have made some progress.
In fact I now have a goal, which is to finish her by
September. She is looking fabulous (Click on the
image to see a bigger version). I have also realized that
every diamond in her skirt is actually a different
combination of colors and threads. I am having
second thought s about having changed the colors in
her tail but I will persevere. It may make her seem
even more ethereal. Hopefully next time I update her I
will have begun to add the beads.
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Time taken to date:
Approx. 200-250 hours (includes undoing
1.5 hours work)
I am stitching her on the 32-count Blue Dynasty hand-dyed linen
from Silkweaver fabrics designed for the Lavender & Lace "Angel of
Healing". As well as beautifully representing the sky for the Angel,
I felt that this could equally be the foaming blue ocean. I may have
to change some of the colors in her tail as these are very close to the
color of the fabric.